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Governments orders

Order regarding Transfer of PWD State Government employee

Delegation of Powers of the Committee headed by DC to CEO

Order Regarding enhancement of state award for senior citizens and NGO’S working for the welfare of elders

Guidelines for 5% reserved fund

Order for Enhancement allowance of Physical Handicap and old age pension for Senior citizens

Regarding issuing order Revising the honorarium of teaching and Non teaching staff of the schools for students with Visual impairment, hearing impairment and MR under child centric Scheme

Administrative approval for the establishment of resource centre for senior citizens

Administrative approval for the distribution of aids and appliances to senior citizens

According administrative approval under ‘’Swavlamban Yojane’’ to cover 1.12 Lakh persons with Disabilities by Paing Rs.357/- of one time Premium

Regarding according administrative approval to the Establishment of day care centeres in 4 divisions for M.R Cerebral Palsy, autism and multiple disabilities Children.

Providing administrative approval for enhancing the amount under child centric scheme to children with speech and hearing disabilities, Visual impairment and mental retardation school run by NGO’S to Rs.1200/-

Regarding administrative approval to the announcement of amount given under ‘’Sadhane Scheme’’ from Rs.30000/- to 50000/-

Regarding administrative approval for the enhancement of honorarium of VRW and MRW respectively from Rs.2000/- to Rs.3000/- and Rs.5000 to Rs.6000/-

Regarding providing exemption of fees for the differently abled candidates Appling directly for the post of civil services.

Under child centric scheme extension for continuing untrained teachers for another 2 years

Bus pass Renewal for Persons with Disabilities for the Year 2017

Scribe & extra time facility for PWD’s and VI regarding

Regarding providing administrative approval to Spardha chethana Scheme for students with special abilities or PWD’S

Regarding providing administrative approval to Arivina Sinchana Scheme.

Senior citizens award revised committee Government order.

National scholarships for students with disabilities.

To extend the DDRC Services to remaining 16 Districts of the State from the Present 14 District.

Established for admition the home for the orphan Mental retarded men and women

If death accurse to any of the VRW/MRW their dependents shall be paid an exgretia of Rs.50,000/-.

To wave of the loans provided under Adhara Scheme to PwDs.

To start Satellite based education to earring impaired students from 1st standard to 3rd standard

Procedure for withdrawal of NPS amount at the time of Superannuation or before superannuation and death while in service.

Enhancement of food allowance provided to disabled children studding in schools receiving grand-in-aid in accordance with 1982 grand-in-aid from Rs.600/- to Rs.1000/-

Training and employment cell for persons with disabilities.

Regarding establishing information and counseling centers for providing information about schemes and programes for persons with disabilities

Motorized Tricycle Scheme

Revised education qualification for teachers in child centric schools

age relaxation for MR autisom Multiple disabilities children

Dept.For the empowerment of differently abled and senior citizens scheme wise progress profile for the year 2015-16

Details of budget earmarked for corrective surgery for the current year 2015-16

3% Reservation

NHFDC Scheme

Scolarship for PwDs

Introducing Niramaya Health Policy Scheme for Below Poverty Line families of M.R curable ,Palsy,autism and Multiple disabilities.

Facilities under Labor act to Multipurpose Rehabilitation Workers(MRW) & Village Rehabilitation workers(VRW) who are working under Grameena punarvasathi yojane

The maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens ACT, 2007/a>

Providing Unemployment Allowance for the Disabled Persons who have possessed S.S.L.C and above Education

Doubling the grant amount to the schools running under child centric scheme

Continuously running of Help line for Senior Citizens in 14 districts.

Under senior citizen’s protection act 2007 nominating the names of NGO’s and senior citizens to state council

Enhancement of Grant to day care centers from 4.15 lacs to 11.2lacs.

Providing talking laptop to visually impaired students studying in SSLC & Onwards

Horizontal reservation in group A & B Post

Enhancement of corrective surgery from Rs.35,000 to Rs.1.00 lac

Financial assistance for disabled persons who participating in Cultural activities

Administrative approval for Society for Peoples integrated development ® for establishing helpline center at Chikamagalore for the year 2014-15

Regarding online submission of Central Grant Proposals

3%budget allocation.pdf

  change of Dept. Name

 Disabled Employees Status in Service

 Maintenance allowance enhanced Income limit

 Medical Certification Simplifiction

 Disabled State Policy

  Disabiltiy Act 1995

  Senior Citizens State Policy

  Child Care Leave

    100% Blind persons free buspasses

  Child Centric Order  

senior citizens I.D card form

Senior Citizen I.D card sigining authority

Pention of Rs1200 for person with disabilities

Pention of Rs 500 for 65 to 80 years senior citizens

Reduction of age limit from 65 to 60 for old age pention

List of Senior citizen awardies in the year 2011-12

Hike of senior citizen _._ card fees from 25-50rs

Senior Citizens State Awards Selection Committee

DDRC Scheme copy

Enhancement of Honororium of VRW'S & MRW'S

Providing Permission to Have SCRIBE in Compitative Exams

Age relaxation for bus pass from 65- to 60

6% Conveyance Allowence

Fees Exemption for Disablity students

Revise Rate of Vehical Allowence for Disablity

Non Teaching Staff pay&allowence enhancment from 50% to 100%

Enhancment of Grands

State Grands Employee's Pention Order


Ammendment of KCSR Rules

benifits extended to the Disabled persons based upon i.d cards

Child care allowence for Vitually impired womens

convence allowence for state govt employees

Distrubution of Free Buss pass for BLIND

Enhancement of Grant in aid for running Help line

Enhancement of Grant in aid for running Old age homes under district sector

Establishment of Day care center for CP'S

Medical authorities for PWD'S

Reimbursemet for the purchase of Motorised Tricycle for Govt Employees

Revised order for Concessional bus pass for the person with disabled

Scholarship for the disabled childrens of state employees

To deposit Rs50,000- in respect of disabled who marries them

List of 68 special schools coming under child centric scheme

Rembersment of fee in higher & technical education who marry PWD's


Enhancement of Disabled & Senior citizens Pension

Nominations to Senior citizen State council

Revised pay scale to the staff of special schools & training center

Help line Enhancement Corrigendium